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Dr. Emil DiIorio takes a close look at the anatomy of your ankle. He draws the “parts list” of the ankle to give you a better understanding of how this common injury occurs. Learn what mechanism of injury most commonly causes an ankle sprain and which liagments are injured most frequently. Part 1 of 3 Watch Part 2 next — Discover what the symptoms of an ankle sprain and how they are evaluated. www.coordinatedhealth.com (877) 247-8080 For more information, email: [email protected]

Doctors tend to complicate simple situations. This explanation is clear and to the point. It will give you a little insight about what happened when you injured your ankle.

Once you know what you did and what the injury looks like you’ll understand how important it is NOT to just let your ankle heal itself.

You need to follow a proven sprained ankle rehab program that gets results fast.

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