How to Treat a Sprained Ankle

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Ankle sprains are common injuries for athletes and can put one on the sidelines for extended periods. Learn how to treat sports injuries in this video on health and rehab.

Not only are ankle sprains common injuries, they are the most common injury that emergency rooms see each year.

What is more disturbing is that ER statistics show a person who suffers from a sprained ankle is 78% likely to return within 12 months with a more serious ankle sprain. The reason for these return visits is that virtually nobody does any proper rehab of their sprained ankle after they start to feel better.

The result is weak ankles, loose ligaments and scar tissue that restricts movement which causes stiffness. Another part of the ankle rehab process is repairing the proprioceptors in your foot. These small sensors tell your brain the exact position your foot is in. When you injured your ankle, these sensors became damaged and no longer are accurate in reporting the position of your foot.

These sensors are so sensitive that they can detect a difference in position as small as 1/32 of an inch or the thickness of a sheet of paper.

If your foot is off as little as 1/16 of an inch, you can roll your ankle and re-injure it.

Make sure that whatever you do, you follow a ankle rehab program that not only strengthens the muscles that support the ankle, and restores range of motion, but also that re-calibrates the sensors in your foot so they report your foot position accurately to your brain.

Ankle Sprains Part 1: Anatomy

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Dr. Emil DiIorio takes a close look at the anatomy of your ankle. He draws the “parts list” of the ankle to give you a better understanding of how this common injury occurs. Learn what mechanism of injury most commonly causes an ankle sprain and which liagments are injured most frequently. Part 1 of 3 Watch Part 2 next — Discover what the symptoms of an ankle sprain and how they are evaluated. (877) 247-8080 For more information, email: [email protected]

Doctors tend to complicate simple situations. This explanation is clear and to the point. It will give you a little insight about what happened when you injured your ankle.

Once you know what you did and what the injury looks like you’ll understand how important it is NOT to just let your ankle heal itself.

You need to follow a proven sprained ankle rehab program that gets results fast.

Expensive Sprained Ankle

Just read an article about a sprained ankle diagnosis that cost $10,000.

What a joke!

There is no way that any medical professional can justify charging $10,000 for a sprained ankle unless surgery is involved and then its still pushing it.

Here’s a link to the news story that was posted in Pennsylvania.

$10,000 sprained ankle

You don’t have to spend that kind of money to get your ankle healed.

After you’ve been re-assured that you don’t have structural damage such as torn ligaments or a stress fracture, you can start rehab using a proven ankle rehab program such as the one that I offer.

Check out the details of the program here: Sprained Ankle Rehab Program

Heal your sprained ankle in 5 days and for less than $60

Any trip to the doctor can be an expensive one…even if you have insurance.

I recently came across a poor gentleman who spent more than $450 to get his ankle healed. He was hammered at the hospital by anyone who could fog a mirror and get a little piece of his insurance co-pays and deductible.

Here’s a link to his blog post. Its enlightening and scary how fast the charges add up…even when the medical professionals are all saying the same thing.

What’s frustrating is that this guy didn’t even get good advice on how to strengthen his ankle and rehab it properly. He was instructed to use the “resistance bands” which anyone who’s had more than one sprained ankle knows don’t work.

The fastrehab program is much more efficient and effective and can help you heal your sprained ankle in 5 days or less and for less than $60.

Take a look at it here: Sprained Ankle Rehab

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