DISCLAIMER: The results described our website are what the average person can expect. Your results may be different based on how serious your injury is and how your body heals.

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“Ankle rehab secret discovered 26 years ago in a small training room in the basement of an old field house shortens recovery time from weeks to days…baffles doctors and trainers”

In just a few minutes you’ll learn how to rehab your sprained ankle fast without spending a lot of money and time in physical therapy…even if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time…

Dear Sprained Ankle Sufferer,

I used to suffer from sprained ankles too. My name is Bret Mundt. I’m a former University of Memphis Basketball player (Bret’s Basketball Career)

If that doesn’t show you…check out this 37 second highlight video of some of my top plays my senior year. I’m #53.

[flowplayer src=video/bretsvideo.m4v]

After more than 30 sprains I was fed up. And I was committed. Committed to finding a way to rehabilitate a sprained ankle in less than a week so I could get back to playing basketball.

In my quest, I tried everything….RICE – didn’t work, rubber therapy bands, ice whirlpools, old fashioned potions and lotions, galvanic stimulation, massage therapy, chiropractors, ankle braces of all kinds, professional taping jobs, you get the point.

One day after another sprained ankle in practice, I discovered the tricks to rehabbing a sprained ankle in less than 7 days despite the ‘fact’ that everyone ‘knows’ it takes 4-6 weeks for a sprained ankle to fully recover.

When you are done reading this, you’ll know the exact steps that you need to take to get your ankle back to normal or better too. You can be back to your life faster than you or doctors think is possible!

And it doesn’t matter whether you just sprained your ankle in the last 24 hours or if you are suffering from a nagging injury, the exercises work quickly, safely and effectively so you can get back to your life.

The program is safe and it works. It works very well. It almost seems too good to be true.

The only way that it won’t work for you is if you have a torn ligament or a broken bone.

You don’t have to give up on all the plans you had before you sprained your ankle!

You don’t have to miss that game or race. You can take action now. You can take control of your injury and how fast you get better.

The program I discovered is the fastest and best way to rehab a sprained ankle…hands down!

After suffering for years from ankle sprains my ankles were weak and floppy.

But within days of doing the program I noticed my ankles started getting stronger…the soreness disappeared…and I became absolutely fearless on the court!

The program and exercise actually worked!

What was amazing about the program was that the exercises were simple. Anyone could do them and could do them correctly because success was built into them….I couldn’t do them wrong!

Unlike all of the other programs I’d tried, I didn’t have to focus on making sure I was doing the exercises right (wondering in the back of my mind if they would work).

I couldn’t do the exercises wrong because the inexpensive equipment (costs less than $30) I was using made sure I did everything perfectly, at just the right angle to make sure I didn’t have any “spots” where I would feel a catch or a sharp pain that I didn’t have before the injury.

NOTE: I did have to use a treadmill with incline capability for the swelling reduction part of the program. I’ll give you 5 places you can get access to one for little or no cost if you don’t have one.

To make it even better, the way the equipment was made combined several exercises into one so I strengthened the muscles supporting my ankle and completely restored my range of motion at the same time!

I had a program that I could use in my room that would give me results by only exercising 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night.

One more thing…its important… I couldn’t do the exercises the wrong way and end up hurting myself worse during rehab…the equipment had safety built in too.

Why did it work?

The program attacked my sprained ankle in 3 ways:

First – it eliminated the swelling…Waiting for the swelling to go down is one of the things that makes the rehab process take so long…the swelling immobilizes the joint and prevents movement.

Second – Once the swelling was down, the program targeted the exact ligaments that were damaged and helped strengthen the muscles that supported the ankle so not only did the ligaments heal, the muscles were stronger.

Third – it restored the range of motion and re-connected the sensors that told my brain the position my ankle was in.

The exercise reduced the swelling and pain in my ankle and shifted the entire weight of my body from the center of my ankle to the front of my foot….the result?

No pain! I was able to do the exercise without pain so the swelling was quickly squeezed out of my ankle.

It was a complete package.

The results didn’t just last for a week or a month or a year….they’ve lasted for more than 20 years!

It didn’t just work for me, it worked for other athletes too

The ankle rehab program worked so well that I never experienced another sprained ankle the rest of my career…so I FORGOT about the program for almost 6 years until a friend of mine sprained his ankle just before an important fighting competition.

I explained the program to him. Told him where to get the inexpensive piece of equipment.

He followed it and he was able to compete the next week in a national mma fighting competition and he won his first match.

It worked for him.

It worked for me.

But we were both very athletic.

But would it work for other people? And the biggest question…

Will it Work for You?

I’ll say this…I’ve shown many doubting Thomas’ how to follow this simple step by step program that took them from devastating despair to exuberant exhilaration…almost instantly.

And I’ve shown injured, disappointed athletes and their parents how to quickly rehabilitate sprained ankles in record time so they could compete in their game, tournament or competition.

Here’s what’s important to know:

I’ve already helped thousands of people just like you rehab their sprained ankles quickly so they could get back to their lives. More than 4000 people have purchased and used the program successfully and only a handful (less than 150) have requested a refund. (Most of them had fractures in their ankle)

I’ve helped:

  • brides to be
  • lawyers
  • orthodontists
  • youth basketball players
  • pro basketball players
  • moms
  • dads
  • grandmas
  • grandpas
  • and almost every kind of person from virtually every walk of life

I’m the only person revealing this unorthodox, but effective rehab program.

And I offer you the opportunity to try the complete system, experience the results and enjoy pain free walking, FREE, if you choose.

Here are just a few success stories other people just like you have had after they used the program:

DISCLAIMER: The results described in our testimonials are what the average person can expect. Your results may be different based on how serious your injury is and how your body heals.

“…I sprained my ankle on Monday and was completely bummed because I was supposed to be flying to Vail for a snowboarding trip later that week and was scheduled to play basketball that Saturday. I thought I had no chance, but gave you program a shot. I wasn’t better in one day, but I saw noticeable improvement every day and much to my surprise I was able to snowboard on Friday AND play basketball on Saturday, just 5 days after my sprain. I was completely amazed. Thanks for the program..”Louis Chang , San Francisco, CA


Get the program now – Sprained Ankle Rehab Fast


“Your program is working extremely well. I’ve had sprained ankles regularly all my life & have taken months to get over each one. 10 days after this sprain my ankle is almost back to normal size and I’m not limping at all. I’ve never had such a speedy recovery.” – Jennifer Reid, Rose Bay, Australia
“Your ankle program is great. I’m very happy I purchased the program. I’ve seen very quick results.” –Dave Berke
“Hi Bret, I started physical therapy yesterday..it was ok. I like your program much better, I feel like I’m getting results” – Sangita Kuba
The reduction in swelling was amazing. Very quickly the swelling was virtually gone. My feeling is that this sped up his healing process immensely. Probably cut it in half. The physiology of the program just really makes sense.”Jeff Armstead Lic. Ac. , Sharon Academy Soccer Coach, Sharon Vt.

Once you start the program you’ll get excited about how fast your body heals when you give it what it needs!

With this sprained ankle rehab system:

  • You cut rehab time from weeks to days (without taking short cuts for short term benefit)
  • You eliminate ankle pain and swelling so you can walk normally again…fast
  • You get big results with very little effort ( only 15 minutes in the morning & 15 minutes at night)
  • You’ll walk without pain sooner (simple tactic eliminates ankle swelling fast)
  • Pay once get lifetime access (don’t you wish your doctor only charged you once?)
  • The only program that offers video instruction to make sure you doing everything exactly right
  • You don’t have to miss work (you do rehab in your own home in the morning and at night)
  • It’s so easy you won’t break a sweat (you can even rehab at work during lunch)
  • You get Guaranteed Results (when was the last time a doctor guaranteed anything but to charge you again when you come back in?)
  • So easy you can do exercises while watching TV, surfing the internet or reading a book
  • There’s no additional cost to rehab if you sprain your ankle again
  • Do rehab on your schedule – after hours, midnight, whenever you want
  • You get information now – you don’t have to put your recovery on hold or wait until the doctor can get you in for an appointment
  • Simple equipment guarantees you’re doing the exercises right and in a safe manner
  • There is built-in safety which prevents you from injuring your ankle again while you rehab
  • You can do the exercises if you can sit up without assistance (you don’t have to be athletic to get head shaking results)
  • You don’t have to be coordinated to get the results you expect –
  • Inexpensive equipment (which costs less than $30) combines multiple exercises for turbocharged results
  • You can walk normally very shortly after starting the program (really committed people have seen results in just a few hours)
  • Support – If you have questions, you can get answers fast (within 3-4 hours, usually faster)
  • One technique you can use to eliminate ankle pain in less than 90 minutes
  • Save money on insurance co-pays (normal physical therapy takes 6-9 sessions x $25 co-pay per session)
  • Save gas – you don’t have to travel to the physical therapist’s office – (rehab in your own home)
  • Brain dead simple – so easy even an 8 year old can do the exercises correctly and see results
  • Avoid injury to knees and hips that occurs from hobbling for weeks and weeks
  • The one secret exercise you’ve never heard of that can get you back in action in only a few hours
  • Restore range of motion to your ankle and reprogram position sensors in your brain to the way they were before your injury
  • …what “weight force shifting” is and how it can eliminate pain that you feel by shifting your body weight in a particular way when you are doing the rehab exercises (you’ll feel goofy doing this exercise but it works like gangbusters)
  • the one drug that most doctors prescribe to reduce swollen ankles that will cause your entire body to ache and what readily available over the counter medicine will give you the relief you want without the side effects.

Each exercise of this special rehab program has been carefully designed to shorten rehab time without cutting corners so you get back to your life as quick as possible.

Look, I don’t care if you’ve never dribbled a basketball, run a 100 yard dash, hit a baseball, played a round of golf, or done anything remotely athletic…

Or if you’re young (13-14 years old and up only please)…

or if you’re more mature

Or if you can’t chew gum and walk at the same time None of that matters….

The only thing that matters is…your desire to get better and your commitment to doing what it takes to get your ankle healed fast.

This is a completely unique rehab system which uses simple-to-perform exercises to reduce swelling and pain first…then restore flexibility and strength to your sprained ankle.

You don’t have to worry about doing the exercises the right way, because success is built in.

Just in case there is some part of the exercises that you might have trouble understanding, I’ve included videos to let you see exactly how to do the exercises properly.

And if you still have questions, I give you my private e-mail address where you can contact me to get clarification for your particular situation.

Here’s what another one of my customers sent to me in an email:

Hey Bret,
Your fastrehab program is exactly what the title says,”Fast”!
I can honestly say that with all of the rehabilitation processes ive done yours really stands out.
Thank you a whole lot for helping me with my ankle.
Your a miracle Worker…Its worked perfectly!
God Bless!Daniel
[email protected]*********.com


Imagine How You’ll Feel When in Less Than 7 Days You’re Back in Action!

And you won’t have to spend hours and hours rehabilitating your ankle.

Day 1-Day 1.5: This part of the program reduces swelling and pain in your ankle so you can start the strengthening process. The exercise is simple to do and takes between 2 and 3 hours depending on how your body responds and how severe your sprain is.

Day 2: This part of the ankle rehab program requires a simple piece of equipment that costs less than $30 on Amazon.com. Once you get the equipment, you’ll only spend 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening doing the exercises to get your ankle back better than before you injured it.

Day 3-5: Repeat exercises done on day 2 but increase the intensity each day as your body gets stronger. By the end of Day 5 you should be walking normally without pain and pretty much back to your normal routine.

The program is so effective that if you aren’t walking without pain at the end of Day 5, there is a very good chance that you have structural damage to your ankle such as a stress fracture or torn ligament. Here’s another success story from someone I helped:

“Hey Bret, Thanks a lot my ankle is feeling really good. After breaking my tib/fib in June of 2006 my ankle was sore and weak. After doing your rehab program for less than 2 weeks, my lower leg is considerably stronger and my ankle pain is almost gone.I will continue to rehab BOTH my ankles even after I’m symptom free because your program makes them feel so mobile and strong. Enough emphasis can’t be placed on stretch and strengthening exercises…your program works. Thanks for everything.” – Mike Rizzo, Canada


Here’s What It’s Worth

With normal physical therapy, you’ll have to leave work or school and go somewhere to work with the physical therapist.

Physical therapy usually lasts for an hour and takes several visits per week for 6-8 weeks, maybe longer if your ankle is not responding to the therapy.

Here’s what you’ll spend in time and money rehabbing your sprained ankle the traditional way:

Co-pays for Physical Therapy – 3 visits per week x 4 weeks x $25 = $300.00

Fuel costs – round trip of 20 miles – 1 gal of gas per trip x $3.00/gallon x 12 trips = $36.00

Lost wages – 2hr per session x $12/hr x 12 sessions = $288.00

Total Cost: $ 624.00

How do you put a value on getting back to your life faster? You put a value on that.

Here’s What You Get:

You get The How To Heal Your Sprained Ankle Faster than Doctors Thought is Possible ™ Ankle Rehab Program that me and thousands of others have used to rehab their sprained ankles in days not weeks. ($47.00 value)

Free Gift #1: Special Report: How to get your child an athletic college scholarship even if they weren’t recruited ($19.95 value)

Free Gift #2: Special Report : How to find the best, most aggressive orthopedic doctor in your area ($9.95)

Free Gift #3: Sports Injuries – The most common injuries and how to prevent them ($19.95 value)

Free Gift #4: Special Report on How to Spot Health Fraud – Avoiding scams, shams and snake oil salesmen ($19.95 value)

Free Gift #5: Laser Eye Surgery – Is it really worth the money? Is it safe? What to expect? ($19.95 value)

Free Gift #6: Antibiotic Resistance – what you need to know about over-prescription of antibiotics – how your doctor may be hurting your health in the long term for short term gain. ($19.95 value)

How Much Is All This Gonna Cost You?

Your price for the Fastrehab Ankle Rehab Program including everything I’ve described here which retails for $156.75 (plus you’ll be saving almost $600 that you would have spent going to physical therapy) is just $15.00

Let me explain – no matter how good my program is, it won’t work unless you actually use it.

I’ve found that people only take action on things they have an investment in and that’s why I charge for it.

You can’t lose, unless you decide not to act on this offer

When you do the exercises and follow the system I’ll show you, you should be walking without pain so fast that you’ll be dumbfounded and you’ll be back to your life before you believed it was possible…

–OR —

You can choose to rehab your sprained ankle the old fashioned way and put your life on hold for up to 6 weeks (potentially risking a more severe ankle injury within a year)

I don’t have anything left to say that would be able to convince you. I have done my best to tell you about the powerful techniques in this program. I have provided the information that is critical to your success in rehabilitating your sprained or twisted ankles.

It’s Guaranteed to work or it costs nothing

If… after following the program for an entire 90 Days , you are unhappy with the results you get or –for ANY reason at all–then I INSIST you ask for your money back.

And your purchase price will be promptly refunded. That’s a 90 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee…

That means… you essentially get to try out the Ankle Rehab Program for FREE, if you choose.

And yes, it’s definitely a financial gamble for me to do this.

However, this program is the real thing. I have poured everything I know about rehabilitating sprained ankles and restoring your body to better than its pre-injury condition into it…

and I have YEARS of results and tesimonials to prove it. You’re not a guinea pig – this is a proven program.

In my years of offering this program I’ve run into only a few people who decided to ask for a refund. Because, again, this truly is the real thing here.

The choice is yours.

Check everything out to your heart’s content.

Get onto the website, go over the program and start using it right now.

See what kind of results you get.

And if you’re not happy, simply send an e-mail to the address inside the website for a fast, prompt refund.

It’s that simple.

Now it’s up to you

“Just think…before you even realized what happened,  you could be walking without pain (and sleeping good too!)”

Look at it this way — $15.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time and money you’re going to waste on ineffective sprained ankle rehab programs and doctors that are too conservative because of their liability insurance concerns. That’s why…

This ankle rehab program is the solution you’re lookin’ for

Get ready to experience fast, effective and aggressive rehab so you can get to your normal routine.

Don’t go through another night with ice on your ankle and your foot propped up on a pillow.

Order the program now on our secure server. Your credit card information is never seen by anyone and is protected by the best security system on the internet.

You get instant access as soon as your payment is processed using any of the cards listed below of if you’d like you can use paypal:


Get Ankle Pain relief for just $15.00


Goods and services provided by FastRehab.com (TN, United States).

Sold by 2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA).

Your friend,


P.S. This ankle rehab program is the best way that I’ve found to accelerate the healing of a sprained ankle.

Nothing else is more effective in getting your ankle back to normal.

Quit messing around and order the program.

You have no risk, if it doesn’t work for you, I’ll gladly refund 100% of your money.

P.P.S. 30 minutes from now you can have a personalized action plan in place that will propel you to stronger ankles and possibly eliminate ankle sprains forever.