If you’re a sprained ankle veteran like me, the one thing you want more than anything else is to NEVER have a sprained ankle again.

After suffering more sprains than I care to count, I started looking at what I wasn’t doing in my ankle rehab protocol that might be causing me to continue having sprained ankles.

I found several things that I believe had a big part in the chronic sprained ankles that I was suffering:

  1. Under the direction of athletic trainers and physical therapists I was only strengthening my injured ankle. This resulted in my injured ankle being stronger than the ankle that I didn’t injure.
  2. There was a disconnect between where my brain thought my foot was and where it actually was. I noticed that I would trip on uneven pavement or tile to carpet transitions inside buildings.
  3. I had sore spots in my ankle when I moved it a certain way. I later discovered that I had unknowingly started to restrict the way I would move my ankle to avoid the movement that caused pain.
  4. R.I.C.E. is not an ankle rehab protocol and ice baths only help to reduce the swelling not heal my ankle.

The result of my self analysis was that the sprained ankle rehab methods I had been instructed to use were inadequate because they didn’t address rehabilitating all aspects of my ankles.

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