You’re one ankle injury away from a disappointing season.

Your star player or a key player goes down with an ankle sprain and instantly your season is at risk.

How you respond to a sprained ankle will determine how quickly you get your player back on the court.

If you follow R.I.C.E. you can expect your player to return to full speed in 2-3 weeks at best.

You know that taking a player out of the rotation, especially a starter, can have devastating effects on team chemistry. Both after the injury…getting used to not having that player on the court and after the recovery…getting used to that player returning to the lineup.



My name is Bret Mundt. I’m a former University of Memphis Tiger Basketball Player.

I was on the active roster from 1987-1989 and started at center the 88-89 season.




Here’s a 37 second highlight video to show you that what I’m telling you is the truth. I’m #53.

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Throughout my career I suffered from one ankle sprain after another.

Finally, in my senior year, I discovered an ankle rehab program that helped me recover in less than 5 days from a sprained ankle AND strengthened my ankles so I never suffered a career delaying sprain again.

And I’m making this proven program available to you and your team right now.

I know you’re busy, so I’ll get right to the point.

First, I show you exactly how to reduce swelling fast (sometimes in as little as 2-3 hours)

Second, I take you step by step through the exact exercises that will restore range of motion, repair nerve damage and strengthen your player’s ankle in just 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at night for 5-7 days.

The exercises that I explain are simple to use and actually help improve balance and quickness the same time they are rehabbing the injured ankle.

You may be wondering, are there any other people who’ve purchased this program? There are thousands. More than 2,200 to be exact.

Here’s a picture of my order service that shows the number of orders that I’ve had:

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And this is just one of my accounts. The other is in paypal and does not show the total number of customers, but it is more than 400 this year alone.

If you look on the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see what some of my customers have to say.

I know you may be a little skeptical and may wonder why nobody you’ve ever talked to, including ortho docs, have ever heard of such a program as this.

All I can say is that the medical professionals these days are extremely cautious because of all of the lawsuits being filed against them for supposed malpractice.

They would rather err on the side of caution than go for an aggressive treatment that will get your players back on the court fast.

What does this whole thing cost and what equipment do you need to perform the program?

You will need access to a motorized treadmill for the swelling reduction part of the program. This part lasts 1-2 days depending on how severe the sprain is.

You will also need to purchase a wobble board to perform the strengthening part of the program.

You can purchase the Ankle Rehab Program for $19 by clicking here:


Of if you’d like, I have created a special coaches bundle that includes a Fastrehab Certified Wobble Board and the Fastrehab Ankle Program for just $50.00 + $10.00 S&H

I am offering a Fastrehab Certified Wobble board AND the Fastrehab Ankle Program in a bundle for just $50 + $10.00 S&H.

The wobble board is made from top quality cabinet grade 1/2″ thick birch plywood and is manufactured completely in the USA in my own factory just outside of Memphis, TN.

The wobble board has been designed to put your player’s ankle at just the perfect angle to allow for complete movement of the ankle without risking further injury during rehab. It has a carpeted surface and a hardwood ball on the bottom. Other competing boards have plastic balls which can break over time.

I still have the wobble board that I used when I was at Memphis more than 22 years ago. My homeschool varsity players and some of my friends children still use it when they have any ankle injuries.

Here’s what you get when you purchase my Coach’s Ankle Rehab Bundle:

  1. Unlimited online access to my proven ankle rehab progam that includes a pdf that you can print out and hand to your players
  2. (1) Fastrehab certified wobble board
  3. Unlimited email support from me to answer any questions you might have about the program

The cost for the coach’s bundle is $50 + $10 S&H.

If you want to order more wobble boards contact me at [email protected] and tell me how many you’d like. I’ll give you a volume discount on the additional boards you want.

You can order it below and I’ll get the wobble board shipped out to right away. If its critical and you want it immediately I can arrange for expedited shipping at additional cost via FedEx.

Here’s where to order the wobbleboard and the ankle program combo for $50 + $10 S&H:

If you already have a wobbleboard and just want the fastrehab ankle program you can get it here for $19 :

If you have any trouble or concerns, feel free to give me a call on my personal cell phone at (901) 496-3890. I’d be glad to take your call.


Warmest Regards,

Bret Mundt
Sprained Ankle Rehab Expert

P.S. You don’t have to be without key players while their ankles heal. In just a few minutes you can have them on their way to recovery and back in your starting lineup in just a few days depending on how severe the injury is.