If you’re looking for a doctor for sprained ankle then you’ve come to the right place.

As you might know, all doctors are not the same. Some are aggressive in their approach to getting you back in action and others are very cautious.

doctor for sprained ankle

So how do you find the doctors who are aggressive (but safe) in their approach to getting your sprained ankle healed quickly?

Actually its very simple.

All you have to do is find the team doctor that your local college uses when their athletes get injured.

Just get on google and search for following:

“college name + athletic trainer”

This should be obvious, but insert the name of the college nearest to you for “college name”.

If you don’t get any results, you can just call the athletic office at that college and ask to speak to their athletic trainer.

When you talk to him or her, tell them that you sprained your ankle and you were wondering who their teams use as their orthopedic doctor.

They don’t have any reason not to tell you.

Then simply check to make sure that doctor or someone in their group is approved for your insurance and make an appointment.

You can make sure that that doctor takes your insurance by giving their office a call and asking them.

Hope this gets you on the right track.

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