Any trip to the doctor can be an expensive one…even if you have insurance.

I recently came across a poor gentleman who spent more than $450 to get his ankle healed. He was hammered at the hospital by anyone who could fog a mirror and get a little piece of his insurance co-pays and deductible.

Here’s a link to his blog post. Its enlightening and scary how fast the charges add up…even when the medical professionals are all saying the same thing.

What’s frustrating is that this guy didn’t even get good advice on how to strengthen his ankle and rehab it properly. He was instructed to use the “resistance bands” which anyone who’s had more than one sprained ankle knows don’t work.

The fastrehab program is much more efficient and effective and can help you heal your sprained ankle in 5 days or less and for less than $60.

Take a look at it here: Sprained Ankle Rehab

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