I just got a really neat e-mail from a lady named Nancie –
her son had injured his ankle playing basketball and he had
competitive baseball tryouts the next week.

She was frantic so she took a chance and ordered my ankle
rehab program.

Almost immediately she had questions so she sent me an e-mail.

Within a few hours I was able to get back to her.

When I saw that Nancie had a question, I gave
her the clarification that she needed.

To be honest, I forgot about her until I got her e-mail with
the subject line:

It really works!

Here’s a copy of what she said:

To: [email protected]
Fr: Nancie Pyne ([email protected]******.***)

Dear Bret,

Just wanted to let you how successful the program was for my

He is outside shooting hoops right now with absolutely no
problems and it has only been 7 days. He will certainly be
ready for baseball. Thanks again and I will highly recommend
your program to friends.



Even though I KNOW its possible to rehab a sprained ankle in
7 days or less, its still great to hear how I’m helping
people get better fast.

And unless you have a torn ligament or a stress fracture, you
can get back to your life fast too.

So don’t buy into the junk that almost everybody believes…
that it takes 4-6 weeks to get your ankle healed.

That’s for people who are willing to sit back and watch their
life pass them by and that is definitely not you.

You’re proactive and willing to try something new and
revolutionary or you wouldn’t have signed up for my tips.

Whatever you believe is possible can happen. But if you don’t
believe something’s possible, you eliminate any chance of it

If you are committed and you don’t have structural damage you can
get healed in less than 7 days, but you have to believe you can.

How many stories have you read or seen on TV about someone who was
told by medical doctors that they:

only had weeks or months to live
would never walk again
had no chance to live a normal life

and yet you are watching the story about them because despite all
the opinions of “experts” they overcame their adversity.

You can too.

Here’s a video I just put together that explains in
detail the critical principles of rehabbing a sprained ankle.

Ankle Rehab Video

If you’re serious about getting your ankle healed as fast as
possible, you can get the same program that I used in college and
that thousands of people have used to rehab their ankles.

Here’s where you can get it: http://www.fastrehab.com

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