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Like anyone who has suffered from a sprained ankle,
Jeremiah Harmon wanted to know how to rehab his
sprained ankle fast so he wouldn’t miss his next varsity
basketball game.

After being shown a couple of little-known secret
techniques I use for my clients, Jeremiah was able to
recover from his ankle sprain in less than 5 days and
play in the quarterfinal of the National HomeSchool
Basketball Tournament.

Jeremiah was the starting point guard for our varsity
team and he only a few days before the National tournament
he sprained his ankle.

He was devastated. He had worn ankle braces but still suffered
another sprained ankle.

Would he be able to play? If he did play, would he be in pain with every step?

So many questions. So much uncertainty.

Until they called me.

I had helped another one of their players the year before and he was able to
play within just a few days of his injury.

But would it work for Jeremiah?

First we had to do an analysis of his injury to make sure he didn’t have a serious injury.

Our sprained ankle analysis revealed that he had a grade 1 sprain and although it hurt like the dickens, it was a perfect candidate for the ankle rehab program that I’ve used on thousands of athletes.

In a nutshell, here’s what we did:

1. Reduced swelling in the ankle fast so rehab could start
2. Restored range of motion and strength using 2 simple weight bearing exercises

I know this seems too easy, but I’ve learned that most things which are effective are often very simple.

First we applied ice to his injury until it was good and numb.

Once his foot was numb we added movement to pump out the lymph and pooling blood that causes the swelling.

We repeated this process until the swelling was gone.

That was the first day.

The next day when Jeremiah woke up he was disappointed that the swelling had returned. ( This is common with sprained ankles)

We went through the swelling reduction process again. His ankle quickly responded and the swelling was gone in less than 30 minutes.

Now that the swelling was gone, we started the rehab process as outlined in my program.

These are proprietary exercises that accelerate the healing process and repair the nerves.

Using these exercises, Jeremiah recovered enough to lead his team to victory in the quarter finals of the National Homeschool Basketball Tournament. Under his direction as point guard the team was able to make it to the Championship game where they were the eventual runners-up in the Nation.

If you want to experience the fastest rehab of sprained ankles possible, go to this page and learn more: