Sprained ankle care, ankle rehab and treating a sprained ankle depend on the severity of the sprain, but a level 1 or mild level 2 sprain should reasonably be rehabbed in a maximum of 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how fast you heal and how severe the damage is.

But you must have realistic expectations for completely rehabbing a sprained ankle and not rush it. You need to learn how to listen to what your body is telling you and then react appropriately. Good sprained ankle care demands that ankle rehab is only started after visiting a doctor and verifying there is no structural damage.

Years ago, when an athlete would tear his ACL it was a career ending injury. Then surgeons started repairing ACL damage through surgery. The injury was no long career ending, but just delayed the career 12-18 months.

Now, with the advent of arthroscopic surgery a large number of athletes with knee injuries are able to return to competition within the same season.

Why is it that with the advancement of medicine most people still believe that an ankle sprain should take 2-3 months to heal?

I just read an article in a respected running magazine that stated an ankle sprain would take 2-3 months to heal.

I have personally experienced much faster recovery than that. In fact, with an aggressive physical therapy regimen, I was able to rehab a severe level 1/mild level 2 ankle sprain within 5 days. By rehab, I mean that I was able to compete at NCAA division 1 level basketball within 5 days of a severe ankle sprain.

Don’t fall for the wait and it will all work out approach! You are letting life pass you by! Treating a sprained ankle with an extremely conservative approach after the doctor has confirmed there is no structural damage is keeping you from enjoying your life.

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I’ll talk about re-calibrating your balance after spraining your ankle, its really simple.

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