Most common ankle injury is the inversion sprain.

The inversion sprain happens when you step awkwardly and the outside of your foot is forced down to the ground so that the sole of your foot is facing your other foot.

Maybe a picture would be easier to understand. This is an inversion sprain.

Most common ankle injury

Most common ankle injury

Now that you know what the most common ankle injury is, you probably want to know the fastest way to get it healed so you can get back in action.

First of all, RICE is not a rehab method. Every doctor or so called expert about ankle injury as well as virtually every website on the internet scream the RICE.

RICE is a first response to injury only. If you follow the RICE protocol, just look at your calendar for the next 4-6 weeks and cancel every event that you have which requires you to run or be active because that is how long it will take you to get better.

RICE = waiting and watching your life pass you by.

There are other ways to get your ankle healed quickly, but unfortunately they aren’t free.

Good information that shortens your recovery time will save you days of frustration and get you back in action in as little as a few days.

The program I offer is one of those methods. Using 3 simple exercises that take only a few minutes to learn, the swelling in your ankle will be drastically reduced and you’ll start to restore strength and range of motion.

At the end of 5 days but no longer than 7 days you’ll be back in action at about 85-90%. The other 10% will come over a few weeks as you strengthen the muscles that support your ankle.

If you’re open to a new perspective on rehabbing the most common ankle injury, check out my program at

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