Sprained Ankles can be healed easily if you know the tricks

Here's Why You Keep Suffering From One Ankle Sprain After Another -

The major cause behind recurring ankle sprains and what to do about it

Here's the key in avoiding/preventing one sprained ankle after another - make sure your brain knows what position your anke is in.

When you sprain your ankle, there is more that happens than just damage to tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues...the electrical connection in your foot that tells your brain the position of your foot in relation to your body may also be damaged. Your sore ankle needs more than just strengthening, it needs to be re-calibrated with your brain.

The technical term is proprioreceptors, but to make it simple, it is the sensor in your foot that tells your brain the position of your foot in relation to your body.

Why is this important? Because if your sore ankle is telling your brain that it is flat when in actuality it is at an angle you will injure your ankle again and it will more severe than the last time. When this sensor is not working properly in conjunction with the brain your balance can also be affected.

Most sprained ankle rehab programs or sprained ankle rehab kits that are being sold today on the internet do not have any component that addresses re-aligning, re-connecting or recalibrating the electrical connection between the brain and the sensor in your foot. This aspect of rehab is just as important as ankle strengthening.

The best way to re-connect the sensor in your foot with your brain is by using a wobble board. The wobble board will help you improve your balance and re-calibrate the sensor in your foot with your brain so your brain always knows the correct location of your foot in relation to your body.

Until I integrated the use of a wobbleboard into my sprained ankle rehab regimen, I continued to have recurring ankle sprains and each one of them was more severe.

If you want more information including a video on how to properly use a wobbleboard, you can find it in my How to Heal Your Sprained Ankle in 7 Days or Less Ankle Rehab Program.

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