Sprained Ankles can be healed easily if you know the tricks

For Best Results Rehab Your Twisted Ankle the Way it Moves

Your ankle moves in an unlimited number of ways but a lot of rehab programs only focus on the actual ligaments and tendons that have been injured and not the whole ankle.

The problem with the approach most programs take is that they only strengthen the damaged tendons/ligaments while neglecting the other parts of the ankle. This approach leaves the ankle in an unbalanced strength and flexibility condition which leaves you open to more frequent and more severe ankle sprains.

It is my opinion that ankle rehab should take a whole ankle approach. What I mean is that an ankle rehab program should strengthen the whole ankle - the uninjured parts and the injured parts at the same time so everything in the ankle joint is at the same strength and flexibility condition.

Using a 3D approach is a challenge for programs that promote straps and such because it is really hard to get the injured ankle joint to move effectively in the range of motion where the injury occured, so the other uninjured parts take a greater role in the motion, thereby causing an unbalanced situation.

This unbalanced situation can cause the ankle joint to be pulled in/ or allowed to move more freely in such a way that another ankle injury is almost guaranteed to happen.

The program that I have put together, How to Heal Your Sprained Ankle in 7 Days or Less™, rehabs injured ankles with a 3D approach that will let you know if you are not strengthening and stretching the entire ankle joint. You will feel it because the motion, if you are doing the program correctly is fluid and seamless. If you are doing it wrong and not strengthening and stretching all parts of the ankle, you will know because it will be "jerky".

Don't worry, the program is not hard to do (my 7 year old can do it very easily). Everything is second nature and you can even strengthen and stretch your ankle joint while you are reading or watching TV.

If you want more details about how to rehab your sprained ankle in 3D (the way it was designed to move), all you need to do is to click on the following link: How to Heal Your Sprained Ankle in 7 Days or Less™.

When you get there you'll find all the information about the program. What it is, what it does and what it doesn't do plus when to start rehab and when not to.


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