Sprained Ankles can be healed easily if you know the tricks

The Truth About Patches, Potions and Lotions and how a large part of rehabbing a sprained ankle is mental

Last time I said I would talk about potions, lotions and patches. If you do a Google search for sprained ankle, you will see a lot of ads selling patches, potions, and lotions that promise you can heal your sprained ankle in "2-4 patches" or in 4 days.

Some of the ads say that you get instant healing....yeah, right. I think that you probably have a reduction in pain as a result of a topical anesthetic, but that is just speculation.

But if it were true. If you could apply a patch, rub on a lotion, or take a potion and your ankle would be "miraculously healed"...would you really believe your ankle was healed?

The answer is probably no.

A big part of the rehab process is mental. You start a rehab program and as you follow it, you start seeing progress in the strength of your ankle. As rehab continues, you continue to see improvement...until the day comes when you are ready to return to normal activity.

Now comes the time when you will put your ankle to the test...will it hold up? Will you injure it again? Did the rehab really work?

If you have used a patch, potion or lotion...you won't have the confidence that your ankle is truly stronger and healed.

After all, you didn't have to work to get it back into shape. How could it actually be healed if you didn't do anything to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments?

I know that when I sprained my ankle (and this applies to other injuries as well) I had to overcome the fear that I may injure it again. Since I rehabbed my ankle and had to work to rebuild it, I could remind myself that I had worked hard and that my ankle was strong.

I was able to get back into my normal routine faster and with more confidence than I would have had if I had used a patch, a potion or a lotion.

The question I have to ask about the patches, potions and lotions is:

If they are so good, don't you think that top level athletes who earn millions of dollars per year would be using them?

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