Rolled ankle or sprained ankle is the same thing. It is an ankle injury that can put you out of action for 4-6 weeks if you just follow the R.I.C.E. protocol that so many doctors and other experts push.

RICE stands for Rest, Ice Compression and Elevation and never has been a rehab method. It is a first response to injury, not just ankle injury but any injury.

The RICE protocol will have you waiting for the swelling to go down and resting until everything gets better on its own. Not gonna happen.

The longer you wait to start rehab, the more scar tissue your body builds around the injury and the harder it will be to restore range of motion and get back to your life.

To get on the road to recovery faster, you need to get the swelling down as fast as possible. The only way that I’ve found to reduce swelling is to use an ice bath and add movement.

The problem with adding movement is that it hurts. The main reason your body swells is to protect the injured ankle from additional injury. Your body tells you to stop doing what you’re doing because it feels that additional damage is occurring to your ankle.

By using some simple bio-mechanical principles, you can get the movement you need to “pump” out the swelling without the pain. You can learn the specific method by checking out my rolled ankle treatment program here.

Once the swelling is gone, you can start to restore strength and range of motion.

Other rehab programs have you doing a large number of exercises and you always wonder if you are doing them correctly. The method that I use, there is no way you can do the exercises wrong and in fact, there are only 2 exercises. One of the exercises accomplishes what other programs take 5 or 6 exercises to accomplish.

So if you want to get true, long lasting results using just 2 simple and easy to perform exercises, then you need to check out my ankle rehab program.

Here’s where to learn more about it. Rolled ankle treatment


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