Sprained Ankles can be healed easily if you know the tricks

Soccer Coach discovers Secret Technique to Reduce Swelling in Sprained Ankles Fast...

Jeff Armstead is the basketball and soccer coach for Sharon Academy in Sharon Vt. - he found a sprained ankle rehab program on the internet that sounded good and decided to give it a try. The program used a unique and proprietary technique that included a swelling treatment for ankle sprains that he had never heard of before. Here's what Jeff said in his own words...

"I had the occasion to use this new technique of swelling reduction with one of our basketball players here at Sharon Academy. The reduction in swelling was amazing. Within 2 cycles the swelling was virtually gone.

My feeling is that this sped up his healing process immensely. Probably cut it in half. The physiology of the program just really makes sense.

As an Oriental Medical Physician, I always had a problem with using large quantities of ice on injuries because if you think about it, ice reduces swelling by reducing blood flow.

What do injuries need to heal? BLOOD! But, your program uses the ice anesthetically, and with the reduction in pain the athlete can use movement to move swelling out and pump fresh blood in promoting healing."

The exercise for sprained ankle rehab that Jeff used is simple, practical and usually reduces swelling in the sprained ankle in just a couple of hours as opposed to several days using the old methods.

If you want to experience the same results that Jeff had with his basketball team, you can learn more about the techniques that he used to reduce swelling in a sprained ankle fast by clicking on the following link:

I want to reduce swelling in my sprained ankle fast


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