Wow, it worked! I just finished running 3 miles through red rock
trails this morning, just one week to the day from the day that I
sprained my ankle. When my ankle turned at the end of a 5.5 mile
run last Friday, I thought I’d lost the whole summer, but you saved
me. Thank you, thank you so much. I’m including some video I shot
with my camera phone. It’s only 38 seconds. I hope you watch it;)

The email you sent on Tuesday was excellent. You knew that you had
a product that was the real deal and could change my life, if I
just did it. I respect that you stood your ground and invited me to
focus on my healing first, and not be dissuaded and distracted by a
non-essential. Your email was also great because it answered many
of my concerns. Could I share an idea with you? I think that if you
take that same email and place it properly in your site, you’ll
avoid getting anymore emails like the one I sent you earlier this

Thank you, again. I wish you the best of luck and take care.



To: [email protected]
Fr: Nancie Pyne ([email protected]******.***)

Dear Bret,

Just wanted to let you how successful the program was for my

He is outside shooting hoops right now with absolutely no
problems and it has only been 7 days. He will certainly be
ready for baseball. Thanks again and I will highly recommend
your program to friends.