I’d sprained my ankle for what seemed to be the thousandth time in only a few short years and was on my way to the team ortho to find out how bad it was…the typical x-rays and a brief instruction sheet on ankle rehab exercises that hadn’t worked in the past and most likely wouldn’t work now.

The team ortho confirmed I had a grade 1 sprain and sent me up to physical therapy to start my rehab.

It was there that I met a fresh out of school physical therapist who was way too perky for me. I was prepared to start the same old rehab protocol when, bouncing over to me, he announced we would be doing something different this time.


As he was demonstrating what we were going to do, he was telling me that he had a theory about why people suffer one sprained ankle after another…

What he told me shocked and amazed me. It was so simple that it almost couldn’t be true….

The reason that most people suffer multiple sprained ankles is that they never repair the nerve damage that happened to the position sensors in their foot.

These sensors in your foot tell your brain the position your foot is in. They are so sensitive that they are able to detect a change in the height of the ground as small as a couple of sheets of paper.

So if these position sensors are damaged and off just a little bit, you’ll find yourself stumbling and rolling your ankle more and more often until you repair and what I call re-calibrate them.

Then he showed me an exercise using a wobble board that would take the place of  4 exercises so I would get more results in less time AND heal the damaged nerves (sensors) in my foot.

The exercise he showed me didn’t really apply to athletes….it wasn’t aggressive enough to really challenge the muscles, so I modified it. The results were that it turbo charged the recovery process.

Shortened it by weeks so that I was able to rehab my sprained ankle in less than 5 days.

This was important because…

Let’s agree to one thing…rehabbing of any kind SUCKS! Its boring, often painful, time consuming and frequently disappointing in the results we get.

So, the faster we start seeing results, the more likely we are to keep doing the rehab exercises.

You can check out the program that I developed right here: Ankle Rehab Program

Even though completing the rehab program in its entirety is a problem, its not the problem that results in more recurring ankle sprains than any other.

The biggest mistake almost everyone makes when rehabbing an ankle sprain is not working to strengthen the other ankle that was not injured.

Why? Because if you only strengthen one ankle, you have one ankle which is stronger than the other…causing an unbalanced situation that very often results in another ankle sprain on the opposite foot.

If rehab weren’t so hard and take so long to see results, everybody would be willing to strengthen both ankles…the injured ankle and the healthy ankle.

Well, I’ve found a sprained ankle treatment program that is so easy to do that you can do it while you are watching TV or listening to music. And what is better is that once you master the simple movement, you don’t even have to think about what you are doing…everything is automatic.

Once you get done with the exercises on your left injured ankle, you simply start over again on your right ankle. Within 15 minutes you’ve finished your rehab and are on your way to complete recovery for the day.

If you want to know more about the mindless sprained ankle treatment program you can find it at the following link:

sprained ankle treatement program for dummies.

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