The wobble board is the most critical piece of rehab equipment that you can have in your arsenal.

With proper use, it can replace 4-6 other exercises typically prescribed to rehab sprained ankles.

You get results fast…and that’s critical to following through on completely rehabbing your ankle.

I have never offered a wobble board for sale before, but have decided to make one available to visitors of our site at significantly discounted price compared to similar boards offered on Amazon and other sites.

(I’m only doing this for a short period of time as a market test and to see how much of a hassle it is to make and ship them, so act quickly!)

I’ve had the same wobble board for over 20 years and it is in great condition. The problem is that its expensive to buy from Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods or even from Amazon.

So I’ve decided to start making them myself in the United States so that I can control the quality and start a return of manufacturing to our country.

Wobble Board Specifications

The wobble board that I’m offering is made out of 3/4″ thick cabinet grade birch plywood. The ball is 3″ in diameter and made from American hardwood. There is no plastic that can rot and crack on this board. It will truly last a lifetime.

The board is a little more than 14″ in diameter. It doesn’t need to be any larger than that.

( I have size 17 feet and don’t have a problem getting both feet on it to do the exercises. If you have larger feet than that, let me know and I will make a custom board just for you)

At this time I’m only offering a carpet covered board, but may offer different options in the future.

It is made to the exact specifications of the wobble board I’ve had for years, so you know it will give you the results you want for a long time.


The price for the wobble board is $35.00 plus shipping and handling to your address.

I’m estimating that shipping will be $12.50 anywhere in the lower 48 states.

Contact me for shipping costs anywhere else.

Vendors on Amazon charge $42.95 + S&H for lower quality Chinese made boards made from 1/2″ thick plywood with plastic balls that break. You can check them out for yourself right here: Wobble Board on Amazon

Order the wobble board certified and manufactured by by clicking on the add to cart below. I’ll ship it out to you as quickly as possible.

Order your Fastrehab Certified Wobble Board here.



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